Raised Funds to Build the Parkway Elementary Playground

The Foundation donated $60,000 toward building a new accessible playground at Parkway Elementary School in 2017, while our sister organization, the Parkway-Glen Hills Parent Teacher Organization, also raised more than $60,000. The joint fundraising effort, built around the dream that "life is better when we play together," was a true celebration of our community's generosity: from Parkway student penny drives to larger corporate donations to a Girl Scout troop's cookie profits, everyone chipped in from the heart to make this dream a reality.


The playground allows kids of all abilities to participate in shared play, celebrating our district's commitment to living together in a diverse and inclusive world.  The donor wall in the Parkway building permanently celebrates our larger donors.




Tribute Program - A wonderful gift to teachers, anytime!

The Foundation enables community members to donate money to specific programs and teachers through our Tribute program.  Funds can be pooled and spent by teachers when needed, allowing families’ smaller donations to make big changes.

Mr. Tim McCarthy, a music teacher at Glen Hills Middle School, has made good use of the Tribute program over many years to enrich student experiences in his thriving band and music programs.  Families and community members have collectively donated more than $20,000 to the band program, allowing Mr. McCarthy to maintain a piano lab, enhance classroom supplies, and purchase instruments for students to use.  Mr. McCarthy says, “Our music programs would not look the same without the generous and ongoing support of the Tribute Program.”





Innovative Learning Lab - Bringing modern technology to our scholars

In the fall of 2020, the Foundation donated $50,000 to the development of an Innovative Learning Lab at Glen Hills Middle School.  When completed, the new lab will enable students to brainstorm in 21st century style, with flexible furniture and modern technology.  Glen Hills Principal Anna Young envisions a space that reflects collaboration and team building by students and teachers both in how it is filled and how it is used.