Grant Request

Guidelines and Application


  1. Grant proposal deadlines occur twice per school year, on October 15 and February 15.
  2. Proposals will be reviewed at the next regular Foundation meeting immediately following the proposal deadline. These typically occur the first week of each month.
  3. After review, trustees will reach out to potential awardees to invite further discussion, if needed, or to impart award decisions. This communication should occur within one month of the October 15 or February 15 deadlines.

Proposal Guidelines

Requests will be reviewed using the following criteria. Does the proposed initiative:

  1. Improve educational opportunities and/or academic performance of students in the district?
  2. Benefit a sufficiently broad cross-section of students?
  3. Offer benefits to students not currently being met through other means?
  4. Fall outside an expense category typically covered by the annual school budget?
  5. Offer some type of measurable outcomes?

The above criteria are general guidelines, and all grants will be considered on their merits on a case-by-case basis. Grants will be awarded contingent upon funding available during each grant cycle.