Glendale-River Hills School District Foundation Grant:  The Glendale-River Hills School District Foundation has a long history of improving the educational experiences of kids in our schools through targeted grants. We believe that our district depends not only on physical infrastructure for its success, but also on the strength of our school community.  We encourage district staff to think creatively about ways they can improve student success with grant support from the Foundation.  When to apply:  Applications can be submitted throughout the school year.  Foundation trustees will vote on new applications at regular meetings, which occur on the second Tuesday of each month. Grant applicants are welcome to attend the meeting at which their applications are being considered. Who can apply:  Glendale River Hills School District staff may apply. Criteria considered for grant approval:

  • How many students will be served by or benefit from the grant?
  • How will student growth and success be supported by the grant?
  • Are there alternative funding sources?
  • Has the applicant sought the lowest and most efficient cost options?

Submission Instructions: Enter information in form below and submit.